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Heroes don't have time for paperwork.

Don’t let PFRPG’s daunting ruleset keep you from a good time. HeroSheets guides you through character creation & leveling every step of the way. Our character wizard keeps you from making mistakes, so you can stop worrying about math and get back in the game. A year of Unlimited access costs less than a rulebook.

HeroSheets isn’t just for players anymore.

Thanks to our fantastic Kickstarter supporters , we added a ton of features to make GM's lives easier, too. Create NPCs in just a few seconds. Find the right monster or spell for an encounter in a flash. Access our NPC database and fill in an unexpected encounter. Don’t go to the table unequipped: with HeroSheets, you're ready for the crawl of a lifetime.


We've added a ton of new features. Here's a few:

Custom Content

Want more content? No problem - Upload your own in with the HeroSheets importer.

Powerful Macros

Special attacks like Sneak Attack and Rapid Fire now have special attack macros on the character sheet. HeroSheets automatically calculates the complicated attack & damage rolls for you.

Open Source

We opened the vast majority of the HeroSheets code base. Use it to make your own tools for PFRPG, or submit pull requests with new features!

Leave the binder at home.

HeroSheets mobile clients let you easily take your character on the go. No internet access? No problem! Just sync your character with the server before you leave. HeroSheets has clients for iPhone, iPad and all major Android devices. Manufacturers

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What users say about HeroSheets

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what some of our most vocal users think about HeroSheets

Sometimes I go straight from work to my weekly session. I have HeroSheets on my phone so I never worry about forgetting my character sheet and enraging my DM.
I spent two hours creating a character by hand, but when we got to the game, we had to spend another thirty minutes with the DM fixing an error that made all the starting stats wrong. With HeroSheets, I would have been slaying goblins instead of being defeated by my own character sheet!
HeroSheets is a great way to quickly experiment with character builds and to share them with your friends.

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