An Open Standard for D20 Characters

Hero Sheets has been under active development lately, and I haven’t gotten around to posting updates nearly as much as I should. Part of the vision for Hero Sheets is fully table-side technology to make gaming faster and more interactive. Less time looking up rules, more time role playing. Additionally, even though I am focusing on Pathfinder, there’s no reason to limit compatibility with D20 characters in the future.

To facilitate gaming across multiple devices, the Hero Sheets server is going to have to have a thoughtfully designed API and data format. Since there is no open standard for this content, there is no reason to limit it to just Pathfinder character data. I’ll make the data open, flexible and useful so that any D20-like system can take advantage of it.

I’m hoping that by documenting the API and making the data standard open, people will find interesting uses for character data that I haven’t thought of! I’m collaborating with another developer on the specification as we speak, and I’ll introduce it in a future blog post.