Announcing d20Pro integration


We’re very happy to announce that we just released a beta version of a HeroSheets plugin for d20Pro, an awesome application for tabletop gaming with friends. Like HeroSheets, they had an extremely successful Kickstarter and raised money to add a ton of exciting features to their platform. You can use d20Pro to play remotely with friends across the globe, or just add some useful technology to your local session. Any way you play, you can now easily import your HeroSheets characters into your d20Pro session.

The plugin is currently in beta, but you can hop over to the d20Pro Forums and download it. You can also get help and post bugs on the forum. Once the plugin installation is complete, importing your character is easy. There’s a new download link on your character sheet:

Download Link

Select the “Download” link

Then, load up your d20Pro game. On your Library, select “Creature Library”, then “Import”, click “HeroSheets” – if you don’t see HeroSheets on the list to import from, that means your plugin installation was unsuccessful – and load the file that you just downloaded from HeroSheets. That’s it – your character is ready for action now!

An imported HeroSheets character

My level 3 paladin from HeroSheets

Remember that the plugin is still in beta, and there might be kinks to work out. Please post on the forum with problems so that we know what to fix!

  • Darthbayne

    will there be any support with fantasy grounds going forward?

  • Vinícius Figueiredo

    dead project?