Announcing the HeroSheets app for iOS

We mentioned this in our upcoming features post from last week, but now it’s finally out! We’re pleased that we actually got approved on the first try. Please remember that using the app requires an active HeroSheets subscription. If you don’t have one, start your free trial today!

Take your characters to the table with the HeroSheets app

The HeroSheets iOS app is a great table-side companion for your Pathfinder session. In addition to the standard features you’ll find in the HeroSheets web interface, we’ve got dice rollers for your major stats, live tracking of HP and the ability to work offline (you’ll just need to sync with the server first).

The HeroSheets app is a “read-only” companion right now, so you’ll still need to do your creation and leveling on It’s also optimized for phones. It will work fine on your iPad, but will look a little stretched out.

Go download it right here. If you don’t have a HeroSheets account already, what are you waiting on? Start your free HeroSheets trial today!

More mobile to come

If you don’t have an iDevice, don’t worry! This is the first of many mobile HeroSheets applications. We’re founded on the idea that technology can take complicated game rules and make them accessible and streamlined for everyone. Expect to see more in the future. Most likely, our next target will be a universal Android app along similar lines.