Basic Features

HeroSheets is the ultimate tabletop app for PFRPG campaigns. You can generate characters & level up characters, roll attacks & saves, look up spells and access your character on your mobile phone or tablet – all in one simple package! Thanks to our wildly successful Kickstarter, you also have a ton of PFRPG GM Tools at your disposal.

charsheetI love tabletop RPGs. I love playing through campaigns, GM’ing, and generating characters. What I don’t love is paperwork. When playing a complicated character, you often need two or three rulebooks at once. Leveling up your character? Forget about it! It only gets worse when you’re running a game and need to track all your monsters and NPCs as well. That’s why I made HeroSheets! A HeroSheets membership:

  • Contains the entire OGL PFRPG CRB SRD (with new books coming soon), allowing you to generate characters from scratch in minutes. All new PFRPG content updates are free forever!
  • Automatically calculates hit points, skill modifiers, Favored Class bonuses, and class abilities as you level up. Does all of the bookkeeping for you – no math is required to create and level up characters.
Create your own items

Create your own items

  • Prepare your character for combat and roll your attacks with all of your bonuses, including special attacks like Sneak Attack, right from the browser.
  • Stores characters online, letting you access them instantly from your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device. Never forget your sheet at home again!
  • Lets you browse, filter and search the voluminous Bestiary (with the three major PFRPG releases) and Spell Compendium.
  • Create your own items, add custom feats, and with the new HeroSheets Importer, input existing or completely custom content into HeroSheets
Sneak Attack Macro

Sneak Attack Macro

All of these features are included in the base HeroSheets membership, which is only $29.99/year. Start your free trial today!