Character Creation workflow

Pick attributes with ease

Pick attributes with ease. 


The core element of HeroSheets is our character generator wizard.  HeroSheets presents character creation & leveling up one choice at a time, so you’ll never have to consult a rulebook again. If you’ve ever used tax software, you’ll feel right at home! It walks you through every step, with no chances to make an invalid character. You can undo any choice in case you make a mistake.

Clean, mobile-friendly interface

Everything you need to make the best choices

Everything you need to make the best choices

We made the interface as simple as possible, but still able to convey everything you need to make the best choices as you create and level up your characters. We have free mobile apps in the works, but the HeroSheets webapp looks great on your phone already!

Never lose your character sheet


There’s a guy in every Pathfinder group that always manages to leave his character sheet at home. With HeroSheets, that’ll never happen again – you can easily access everything you need right from your phone or browser (although we also offer a printer-friendly view as well).

HeroSheets iOS screenshot - overview

HeroSheets iOS screenshot – overview

Your characters are important to you. All HeroSheets characters are professionally backed up, unlike the folder and notepad in your back seat.

Share characters online

Don’t keep your creations to yourself! You can share HeroSheets characters so anyone can see them, and then blast them to your favorite social networks. We know all of your friends want to check out the attack bonus on your new rogue.

PFRPG Book Support

HeroSheets is launching with support for the PFRPG Core Rulebook. We’re diligently working to support more content, and it will all be available free to subscribers. You’ll never pay to support additional books in HeroSheets.

Custom Item Creation

Create your own items

Create your own items

Create your own items! Our handy custom item creator lets you add any magical item with whatever magical attributes you want to your character. Best of all, your items go into a community item database so other subscribers can wield the power.

Check out our subscription plans and subscribe today! More screenshots below:
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