HeroSheets Artwork from Levi Gilbert

I’m very excited to announce that HeroSheets is about to get a lot more visually interesting! Fantasy artist Levi Gilbert contacted me a little while ago to collaborate on some artwork for my app. His work is really awesome, and I encourage you to check it out!

Levi Gilbert - Eye of the Dungeon Master

Levi Gilbert – Eye of the Dungeon Master

The first thing we’re going to work on is some custom artwork for the classes & races of Pathfinder. Paizo has some excellent character art, but naturally it’s copyrighted and it wouldn’t be nice of me to pirate it from them. I’m also going to allow users to upload custom artwork, so each of your characters can have an avatar. Using one of Levi’s images would be a great starting place!

Levi Glibert - Coat of Arms

Levi Glibert – Coat of Arms

Levi is great at illustrating characters & monsters, and we hope to eventually offer some custom artwork services to HeroSheets customers. Levi can help transform your imagination into some amazing artwork! Please check out his portfolio for more of his awesome work.