HeroSheets GM Tools Kickstarter

I’m happy to announce the launch of the HeroSheets GM Tools Kickstarter Campaign! I’ve gotten a lot of feedback since HeroSheets launched that GMs would love the simple HeroSheets interface applied to tools useful for them.

HeroSheets is already successful and users love it. However, GM tools are outside the scope of the original project, and it’ll take a lot of development time to add these features so I need to raise some funds to support that. HeroSheets GM Tools is NOT a separate product – if the Kickstarter is successful, new and existing customers will receive all of these features included in their subscription, regardless of whether they back it.



Checkout the features included if the Kickstarter is funded:

  • NPC Generator Create monsters or NPCs the HeroSheets way – with an intuitive wizard interface that makes it impossible to make an error!
  • Bestiary – Need to plan out an encounter and are struggling to find the right monster? Is one of your players being a jerk and you want to “reward” them with a nasty surprise? The HeroSheets bestiary will let you easily find the right monster or NPC for any situation.
  • Spell Compendium – Useful for players too, this feature will allow you to easily search & filter spells to find the right tool for the job.


Levi Gilbert - Custom Art

There are also several stretch goals planned, as well as some really killer rewards. Fantasy artist Levi Gilbert is doing custom character artwork at one of the higher reward levels – check out my post about him to see some of his awesome work in action. The standard rewards are a great value – 3 months subscription time for the price of one! All backers also have the option of participating in the beta for these features.