Interesting article about D&D Next + Pathfinder

Sorry for not updating more, but I’ve been really hard at work on the HeroSheets beta. Special thanks to all my beta testers for helping me squash bugs.

The AV Club’s Gameological Society wrote a great article about WOTC and how they’re handling upgrading D&D, specifically compared to Paizo and what they do with Pathfinder. I really appreciate Paizo’s business model, which is much more focused on making money by continually providing new, fresh content instead of periodically obsoleting its entire collection.

I personally didn’t come to Pathfinder because I was burned by WOTC, but I’m extremely happy with their system and don’t plan on going anywhere.

How about my readers? Do you play Pathfinder because you were tired of throwing away your rulebooks? Are you going to play D&D: Next?

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  • Christopher F.

    I eventually came to Pathfinder after being burned by 4e. I had said on WotC’s own boards for years that if they retired 3.5 early (the average lifespan per edition was 10+ years before that), that that would be that. They canned 3e early, 4e felt horrible to play and did terrible things to my favorite setting (Eberron), so I left and never looked back.

    They clearly had no interest in keeping their player base happy, as they were still reprinting 3.0 material and calling it 3.5 when they canned it, and not an insignificant amount of 3.0 material was just updated 2e material.

    WotC has just been reprinting, obseleting, and then reprinting again the same material since they got the license. Don’t get me wrong, they deserve crazy mad props for not only coming up with the d20 system, but in making it open source so that we could have everything we got, but they were never able to recapture that lightning in the bottle.