Introducing Hero Sheets – Pathfinder Character Sheets

Welcome to Hero Sheets, a web application designed to help you create, level up and manage your favorite Pathfinder characters and manage your character sheets. Hero Sheets was born out of necessity – leveling up characters in Pathfinder is about as hard as doing taxes for a small business. Just like some people love to dig into IRS codes and optimize their taxes, some people love to spend hours pouring over manuals creating and leveling up their characters. Other people want to get right into the action! Hero Sheets is a Pathfinder character generator designed to do just that.


  • Your characters are stored securely in the cloud – no need to worry about losing character sheets or corrupted hard drives
  • Character generator – a handy wizard will walk you through the character generation process step by step. You’ll never lose hit points because of silly arithmetic errors!
  • Character sheets – take your awesome character designs and print them out to take to your gaming session
  • Mobile client – if your tabletop group is a little more wired, take your character to the table with a mobile pathfinder character sheet. Roll your attacks, collect XP and track status right from your phone or tablet!

We’ll be updating this blog with great articles about upcoming features and tips on how to create great Pathfinder characters. Stay tuned for more about the Hero Sheets launch!


This photo, “Taxes” is copyright (c) 2008 James Morris and made available under a Attribution-commercial-Share Alike 2.0 license


  • B. Kramer

    I love that there will be a mobile client, and I hope it will be something that allows interactive offline use. I’m sick of google docs spreadsheets that I can’t edit on my wifi-only tablet when there’s no open hotspots.

    • HeroSheets

      I hadn’t even thought of making it available offline. Great idea! If I can’t get it working in V1, it’ll go to the top of the post-release backlog