New HeroSheets features for a new year!

I hope you all have been keeping warm! I’ve been burning the midnight oil working on some cool new features for HeroSheets subscribers. None of these are live yet, but they will be in the next week or two.

Spell Management

Manage your character’s memorized spells in the new Spellbook feature. This supports actively memorized spells, not additional Wizard spell lists. Wizards will be able to choose from the entire set of valid spells. Check out some screenshots:

HeroSheets Spellbook

HeroSheets Spellbook

HeroSheets Spells

HeroSheets Spells

We’ll soon add support for class-specific spell stuff, like Wizard Lists and Cleric Domain Spells, in the future.

Equipment Bundles

I never liked the “Equipment” part of the character creation process. To make it friendlier, each class now has a recommended set or two of starting equipment. All the items are solid for starting characters, and within the class’ budget. No more sorting through thousands items to find something like a basic longsword! Of course, if you want to add something else, the option is still there.

HeroSheets Item Bundles

HeroSheets Item Bundles

Feat Entry

If you’ve created a feat that requires a specialty like Weapon Focus, you’ve probably noticed that searching through the dropdown to find “Longsword” is a drag. I’ve added typeaheads to the feat table so it will autocomplete your entry and you never have to scroll through a giant, unwieldy list again.

HeroSheets Feat Typeahead

HeroSheets Feat Typeahead

Class Optimization Guides

Very soon, HeroSheets will release the first in a series of class optimization guides. Our first release is for the Ranger. Stay tuned to this blog for details!

HeroSheets for iOS 7

You read that right! I’ve just submitted a HeroSheets application to Apple for approval. This app will be free for subscribers. I’ll post more information about that when it’s finalized, but here are some screenshots to whet your appetite:

HeroSheets iOS 1

Character List

HeroSheets iOS 2



That’s all for now folks! Expect the app changes to go live within the next 7-14 days. Hopefully the iOS application process will go smoothly and you’ll hear an exciting announcement about that. Don’t forget that subscriptions to HeroSheets come with a free trial! Start your free trial today.

  • Chris Gatton

    Hi, was just wanting to know if we could get an update on the android app. I have not seen a blog post since April. Thanks.

    • jsomara


      All the updates are going to the Kickstarter Beta mailing list (since they’re being tested by all the Kickstarter backers first). Once things are tested & ready for launch, we’ll start peeping out new features on the blog. Stay tuned!

      As for the Android app, we’re in ‘Alpha’ mode now – the developer has a build ready, and just a few people are looking at it. Once it’s cleaned up, we’ll move to beta for all of the Kickstarter backers.


  • Anon the Mouse

    I signed up for the 14-day Trial after reading the line on your Kickstarter: “Contains the entire OGL PFRPG CRB SRD (with new books coming soon), allowing you to generate characters from scratch in minutes.” and also on the front page of your website, something about importing custom content? However I have yet to find any of these features available. I wanted to make one of my new characters (Aasimar Inquisitor) but only the very basic classes and races are available. Is there something I am missing or are these features not actually implemented yet? Canceling my trial for now just in case, unfortunately. I cannot do much with just the basic classes and races right now. :c

    • jsomara

      Thanks for checking it out!

      You can import custom content directly. Spells, feats and items are easy and well supported. Unfortunately, Races and Classes are quite complicated and cumbersome to import – but they are supported as well. Since Aasimar and Inquisitor are both published PFRPG content, we will be supporting them ASAP as we make our way through various books. Aasimar is actually built out in the race importer on github, but it has a ways to go before it will be live.

      I would recommend staying tuned to the mailing list or this blog – we will be making lots of updates as we add new official content!

      • Anon the Mouse

        Thank you for such a quick reply! I am definitely following the blog and mailing list for now, it is something I am really interested in using after a few more updates. You guys did an awesome job so far, thanks!