The HeroSheets Pathfinder Monk Guide

It’s time for a new optimization guide! This time, we’re bringing you a class that needs a little TLC: the Pathfinder Monk. It’s very easy to create a bad monk, and our Pathfinder Monk Guide will help you avoid the pitfalls commonly made by new players.


Our Pathfinder Monk Guide has everything you need to know about Class Features, Feats, Skills and Items to make the best of your monk. It’s a very detailed guide, clocking in at 14 pages. Here’s a snipped from the feats section:

Medusa’s Wrath – This is extremely good when taken as a bonus feat, bypassing the mediocre prerequisites. Stunning Fist makes the desired conditions fairly easy to acquire. The extra attacks apply as long as both conditions(stunned opponent, full attack contains one unarmed attack) are met before the conclusion of a full attack. This means that the monk can attack with a weapon for most of the full attack against a stunned opponent, then make an unarmed strike as the last, least accurate attack and gain two more unarmed attacks at the full bonus.

Snatch Arrows – Most effective ranged attacks being projectile weapons and rays, Snatch Arrows just doesn’t do much for a monk.

Spring Attack – While a theoretically attractive option to use hit and run tactics, it is very unlikely to be able to move further than your opponent could charge and catch up to with your divided single move in spring attack, regularly provokes opportunity attacks for moving out of threatened squares and counterproductive to making effective flurry attacks.

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