Pathfinder Multiclassing: Rogue Choices

My less faithful readers might not know I play a Rogue in my weekly Pathfinder campaign. My character is excellent at single-target, close-ranged melee combat. Given the new changes to stealth I don’t even need to flank my target to dish out extreme amounts of damage in the right situation. However, “the right situation” is becoming increasingly rare as enemies start flying and environments get more complex. Let’s take a look at the Pathfinder multiclassing options to give my character more utility.

If  an enemy is flying, surrounded by cover, or just generally a long way away, I have an extremely hard time doing damage. Sure, a full round sneak attack can do 30D6, but that becomes a lot less efficient when it takes 6 rounds to get to an enemy

Pathfinder Multiclassing

Multiclassing can make your character better when you choose a second class that complements your abilities or fixes a weakness in your character. Multiclassing with a class that adds range, mobility, or extra attacks might make my Rogue an unstoppable MOB-killing machine.

Pathfinder Multiclassing is remarkably simple. If you meet the requirements for a certain class, upon leveling up you can take a level in that class. You receive all of the bonuses for the Nth level in said class, where N is the number of levels you’ve taken. For example, if my 10th level Rogue took a single level in Fighter, I’d get 1d10 hit points, 1 bonus feat, +1 BAB and +2 fort save. You keep all of the features from your first class, so it’s a great way to compensate for weaknesses you find in your character.

My rogue recently hit level 10, and I’m currently mulling my options. My character is built with Dexterity in mind. He’s also a complete idiot (9INT) so fighters and traditional magic users are out. Let’s take a look at the other basic Pathfinder multiclassing options from the core rulebook:


A Ranger uses the same general weapon and armor types and at second level get an extra Combat Style feat. With enough levels, they get a few low level druid spells.

Everything stacks quite nicely with Rogue skills and you would most likely use these abilities to grant additional skills at ranged combat. I’m a little worried it would take too many levels before I came proficient enough at ranged combat to be useful.


The Monk’s skillset is also quite complementary to a Rogue’s. I think my Rogue could be quite deadly with Flurry of Blows. However, I immediately noticed that monks must be a lawful alignment. NEXT!


Fighters are recommended frequently. Tons of extra feats, bonuses to dex penalties, a weapon bonus and a nice compliment of saving throws to round out the rogue. Since I play my rogue quit aggressively – high initiative, in the enemy’s face – this would probably be a solid choice. Unfortunately, the fighter is a little bland for my taste.

I’m honestly not sure any of the base classes are going to be that beneficial to take levels in, given the way I setup my character. I only had Rogue in mind when building him out, and I think the lack of Charisma or Intelligence is going to hamper my choices.

Leave me comments with some tips and I’ll discuss them in a future post!

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  • Frank Lazar

    Multi-classing needs to take a look at the long view. One of the things that can solve many of your problems in mobility is choosing a path to Arcane Trickster.

  • Javier Langer

    Maybe you can try with a summoner, since it main abbility is Charisma, or a gunslinger, just for fun.

  • Javier Langer

    Sorry, I didn’t read that you only used Core Rulebook