The HeroSheets Pathfinder Ranger Guide

Making characters is easy with HeroSheets. However, what HeroSheets doesn’t tell you yet is how to make the best character you can without incurring the wrath of your GM. To help, we’re publishing a series of guides to help you optimize your character. The first of these guides is for the Pathfinder Ranger.

HeroSheets Pathfinder Ranger Guide

HeroSheets Pathfinder Ranger Guide – I’m a programmer, not a book cover designer :(

The Ranger is quite versatile; he can easily be spec’d for either melee or ranged combat, he has a variety of useful spells, and he can even summon a competent animal companion. However, like most things in Pathfinder, the number of choices you have when building your Ranger are endless. Stop pouring over the rule books and check out our guide, which will walk you through all the choices you need for either spec. The HeroSheets Pathfinder Ranger Guide covers spells, feats, equipment, class features and skill choices. Load it up in HeroSheets and you’re ready to play!

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