Play Pathfinder with minis? Check out Proxy War!

Proxy War launched their new Kickstarter launched tonight, and if you play Pathfinder with minis, you should definitely give it a look. I first heard about their project at the Escapist Expo last month, but I incorrectly assumed they were just a tabletop wargaming company. It turns out they’re starting a full service gaming miniature design & print shop, from printing models you build online from a selection of parts to having designers & artists come up with a full character design for you. I’ll let their Kickstarter page describe it:

Proxy War is bringing tabletop gaming into the 21st century, letting gamers create fully custom models online, and then get them 3D printed in ultra-fine detail. Log onto a database of parts, select chassis, torsos, limbs, weapons, mutations, powers, and technology, and clip them together into a unit that is uniquely yours. You can also partner with our design staff to create a custom unit entirely from scratch. Our service lets you make anything you can imagine—from RPG characters to whole wargame armies.

3D printing is going to revolutionize miniature gaming—and that revolution starts now!

I recommend watching their video for the full introduction.

Proxy War: Custom 3D Printed Miniatures

Proxy War: Custom 3D Printed Miniatures

What does this have to do with Pathfinder? My group plays with minis, and we’ve all struggled to find nice ones that are pre-painted and even somewhat resemble our party. We even have to re-use the same crappy plastic minis for multiple characters. Proxy War is promising an easy, personalized and inexpensive solution. There are a couple reward levels on their Kickstarter perfect for RPG gamers: the LONE ADVENTURER which gets you a single custom mini, or the much better value SQUAD LEADER which gets you ten custom minis.

I was at their launch event this evening and their products look great. They easily compete with anything you can buy that’s prepackaged. I’m not a wargamer and didn’t try their tabletop game, but I’m really excited for the Proxy Army launch and what it means for my Pathfinder minis and game development in general.