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HeroSheets is a set of online tools designed to make playing Pathfinder RPG as simple as possible. We’ve all struggled through creating & leveling up characters, finding spells & spell effects, creating monsters, etc. It can be quite cumbersome to do by hand. HeroSheets seeks to lessen the paperwork burden and get you back into the action by allowing you to create characters, monsters and NPCs in just a couple minutes. The simple wizard walks you through each step one a time and prevents you from making mistakes.


HeroSheets was started in early 2013 after my party and I got fed up making stupid mistakes while leveling up our characters. We would also forget something like the favored class bonus. As a software engineer, I figured there had to be a software solution to this problem! I checked out HeroLab which has an immense amount of content. It’s a very powerful tool, but it wasn’t quite as simple as I hoped and didn’t have online functionality. HeroSheets was born!

The first iteration launched in late 2013. Many players liked the product, but felt it would be strengthened if the same UI patterns were applied to GM tools. Thus, the HeroSheets GM Tools Kickstarter was born!

Features & Screenshots


HeroSheets - Pathfinder Character Sheets


HeroSheets - Pathfinder Character Sheets