Quest Kick – Beta Preview

I was lucky enough to get invited to the Quest Kick beta, a brand spanking new web application designed to be used at the gaming table by the DM and all of the players. It’s not specifically designed for Pathfinder, but that’s what we used it for this week.

The beta / early access program currently supports a few of Quest Kick’s critical features, so let’s take a look at them!

Dice Rolling

Despite how easy it is to program dice rollers, I’ve never found one that integrates well with my play style. Faithful readers know that I play a Pathfinder Rogue, and rolling attacks can take an obnoxious amount of time. Quest Kick has an elegant solution. Check out this screenshot:

Quest Kick Dice

Quest Kick Dice

As you can see, there is a small hotbar with common dice, but most importantly the ability to customize the hotbar with common SETS of dice that you can roll at once. Notice how I set up my Sneak Attack damage – one set for 5D20 (a full round attack), and one set for the total damage, 6D6+3.

Theme Music

Nothing helps you get into character like awesome theme music. There have even been a couple successful Kickstarter campaigns with RPG music in mind. Quest Kick comes with a couple sample tracks and lets you upload your own music.


You can easily upload maps into your Quest Kick campaign. Unfortunately, our DM didn’t have a map for our Adventure Path ready, so we weren’t able to use this. However, you can simply upload an image file of your map. The DM can hide and reveal certain portions of the map as the players explore it. You can see an example in the screenshot from the Quest Kick homepage:

Quest Kick Maps

Quest Kick Maps

Quest Wiki

Another handy feature is the ability for your DM and players to compile notes about your quest and adventures in the Quest Kick Campaign interface. I am constantly mixing up NPCs, what they want and whether or not they like me. This interface is quite flexible, so you can really put any kind of content you want here. We tested it out with our shared group inventory and the most important Jade Regent NPC:

Quest Kick Wiki

Quest Kick Wiki

Future Features

Quest Kick shows a lot of promise, and I am especially excited about some features that are yet to be implemented. The existing features now are mostly handy for the DM, but some of the upcoming stuff is going to bring everyone’s computer to the table:

  • Secret message passing from DM to players
  • Interactive character sheets (maybe some integration with HeroSheets!)
  • Hit point, spell, status tracking

Quest Kick is a great example of how to bring technology to tabletop games without getting in the way of player interaction or role playing. Head over to and sign up for the beta now!