RAAAAGE (or, an introduction to the Pathfinder Barbarian)

Tired of complicated Pathfinder combat? Sick of always waiting for your party members to make a decision? Maybe it is time to try a Pathfinder Barbarian!

Playing a Pathfinder Barbarian is easy. The only rule to know is raging. First, let’s get through the boring stuff: When raging, your barbarian gains +4 to STR and CON, +2 to will saves, and -2 to AC[1]. The +4 to CON means you gain two points of HP per hit die, so a level five barbarian would gain 10 HP. When you are done raging, you are fatigued for twice the number of rounds you were raging, or eight hours if you’re not in combat. Fatigue is -2 to STR and DEX.

TIP: make sure you write down your stats for normal, rage and fatigue! If you don’t, you will slow the game down and not have as much fun. Being a barbarian is not about doing in-game math! Leave the nerd stuff for the wizards.

Whew! That seems like it’s a lot of rules, but if you figure it all out before the game starts or use HeroSheets, it’s not so bad. Now that you know about raging, when should it be used? At every battle! If you are not fatigued, you should be raging. It is barbarian’s bread and butter. It is also what makes the barbarian so much fun to play. The increased attack damage and HP will let you go toe-to-toe with stronger foes. This will let you be bolder in your in-game decisions. You can jump into combat against yetis, goblins and the like. I hope you have plenty of space in your Bag of Holding for trophies!

The most important feat for the Pathfinder Barbarian is Raging Vitality. This keeps you from dying if you fall unconscious while raging. Remember, you gain extra HP while raging, so if you come out of rage with very low HP, you might die! Another good rage feat is Superstition. It lets you select other rage feats and makes it harder for enemies to cast spells on you. It also keeps you from being healed during combat, however.

You are now an expert in being a barbarian. Rage on!

[1] This is just a summary. Always, always consult the rule book or face the wrath of the GM when she finds out you have goofed up your stats.

[2] “ Barbarian” is copyright (c) 2011 Eyal6699 and made available under a Attribution-commercial-Share Alike 2.0 license

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