The Pathfinder Rogue: Top 5 Weapon Enchantments

A Pathfinder Rogue is only as good as his trusty blades, especially if you’re a two-weapon fighter. Most likely in your campaign, you’ll start accumulating money and be able to afford some choice weaponry to supplement your backstabbing needs. I’m going to break down a few of my favorites. This guide assumes you’re using Two Weapon Fighting, and have at least the Two Weapon Fighting and Improved two Weapon Fighting feats.

  1. +3 : Speed : This one is a no-brainer. Every full round attack gets you an extra attack, just like you were hasted. You only need one weapon with Speed, but you won’t have to worry about staying hasted any more. Rogues are all about adding attacks to stack up Sneak Attacks, and this one adds an attack a the full bonus. At level 9, for example, you’re talking 5 attacks: -2/-2/-5/-5/-10. That’s a potential sneak attack of +25D6, not counting your weapon damage.
  2. +2 Advancing Positional attacks are quite good for TWF Pathfinder Rogues. Our damage output is completely crippled if we can’t flank our enemies. Abilities like Advancing help a ton! Many times, your initial move won’t put you behind your enemy. Whack him, advance behind him, and hit him with a Sneak Attack on the next turn. Better yet, stack it with…
  3. +2 Anchoring This combination should be a obvious. Anchoring on one weapon, Advancing on the other. Stick ’em twice, move behind them and lock them into place. Sneak Attacks for everyone!
  4. +1 Keen Quite a nice choice for a low level weapon. Keen doubles your threat range – plenty of rogues will have feats that improve Attacks of Opportunity, and this goes well with them. More range is better tactical advantage, and that’s what the TWF rogue is all about
  5. +N Any Damage Increasing Bonus – There are too many of these to list. If you’re given the choice of an enchantment on a +1 weapon, any of these – Shock, Frost, Flaming, etc are good choices. More damage is always a good thing. I would always tend towards tactical advantages, but never turn down extra damage.

There you have it – my favorite weapon enchantments for the TWF Pathfinder Rogue. Obviously, you have to have a GM willing to let you find craftsmen who can make what you need. Be nice! What are your favorites? Add comments and let me know! Don’t forget to visit and sign up for our mailing list – get notified when HeroSheets is ready to launch  and get early access and a discount!


  • pi4t

    Keen doesn’t do what you think it does. It doesn’t increase your threatened area (ie the squares around you which you’re capable of hitting). It increases the (critical) threat range for the weapon. That is to say, it allows you to threaten a critical hit with a lower natural dice roll. If you’re using a rapier (normally 18-20/x2), for example, you’ll threaten a critical hit whenever you roll a 15 or more on your attack roll.