Online Character Sheets: The Vision

The idea for Hero Sheets was born out of necessity. I play Pathfinder with a small group of somewhat seasoned pen & paper veterans. We started with Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition, which was quite enjoyable and very easy for novices. For a small, reasonable fee they give you access to a quite decent online character builder. It works well on a regular PC if you plan ahead and edit your characters before game day, but there is no mobile client or interactive features to use your online character sheets.

After we got a little bored of 4E, we took a long detour to insanity with the Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game. This game was remarkably fun, well suited to my group’s casual nature and very low on the paperwork. Paper-based character creation was fun and easy.

Two very lengthy, horrific campaigns later, we were ready for some fantasy action again. We had always heard about Pathfinder and thought it would make a nice alternative to 4E. Unfortunately, none of us were exactly prepared for the level of book keeping this game requires. There is no online character generator, no character generation wizard – the rule books don’t even explain how to level up your character! As a programmer, every time we spent 30 minutes helping someone level up their character seemed like a great opportunity to supplement the game with online character sheets.

I figured surely someone had come up with a service like this before – but I was wrong! The only options for online character sheets are the desktop software Herolab, pre-generated printable sheets and some extremely wacky Android apps that will remain nameless. Herolab is very thorough and sophisticated, but lacks a few features I think are key: no web access, no sharing, and no mobile clients.

Thus, Hero Sheets was born. If my vision for an awesome, interactive Pathfinder character sheets sounds interesting to you, sign up for the e-mail newsletter on the main page. I won’t spam you, but I’ll send you an occasional update on the development of the site. When it’s ready, you’ll get early access to great online character sheets and a discount!