An update on GM tools – The PFRPG Kickstarter, Part 2

Last week we checked in on the new HeroSheets features added since our PFRPG Kickstarter. We had such a runaway success and unlocked all of our stretch goals, and this post will explore some of those.


This is a great feature. For certain special attacks, like Sneak Attack, you can now build in modifiers to your dice pool to calculate results for both the basic attack you’re making and your sneak attack damage. I think this screen shot should speak for itself:

Sneak Attack Macro

Sneak Attack Macro

We currently support Sneak Attack, Power Attack, ManyShot, MultiShot and Vital Strike. Thanks to our next feature, you can help us add more.

Content Importer

With a little bit of elbow grease, you can now add your own content to HeroSheets. This includes lots of options: Feats, Spells, Items, Class Features (which can include macros), and even new classes. We launched a special web application to help you create classes automatically. Currently this is a pretty manual process – you have to add data to a CSV – but it gives HeroSheets a lot of flexibility.

Temporary Stats

A common suggestion we got in the early stages was to allow the tracking of “temporary” values, or things that changed outside of leveling your characters. We added support for temporary HP, XP and Gold, with temporary bonuses and penalties coming soon!

Temporary Stats

Temporary Stats

Android App

A lot of PFRPG players use Android! We’ve had an iPhone application for a long time, but that doesn’t satisfy the mobile cravings of a lot of our users. Our app supports phones and tablets. Check out this sweet promo video:

iPad App

We also added a native iPad application, since playing with tablets is really common for a lot of gaming groups these days. The native app looks fantastic on the new retina iPad devices:

Familiars & Animal Companions

Your furry friends got an upgrade! You can now manage your familiars and animal companions from inside the HeroSheets interface.

NPC Gallery

The last feature we’re working on, before our bug bonanza, is a giant gallery of 100 NPCs you can pick up and drop into your campaign. It’s also handy incase your gaming group has a guest, or an “unlucky” regular that left his character sheet at home. The NPCs are spread out across various races, classes and levels, so there’s a ton of variety in what you can choose from. They’re ready to play!

Filterable PFRPG NPC Gallery

Filterable PFRPG NPC Gallery

Our PFRPG Kickstarter beta testers have also pointed out bugs in new features and old ones, so we’re spending the last bit of time cleaning these up before we re-launch to non-backers. Stay tuned for re-launch details!