A Tour of HeroSheets

Check out our first demo video, a simple PFRPG Barbarian. 2 minutes and 30 seconds! Beat that, pen & paper.

Check out HeroSheets in action!

  • virbots

    Nice video! I’ll sign up later and give it a go! As a GM, the challenge for me is quickly making up NPC’s.

    • jsomara

      Thanks! HeroSheets is currently not designed with GMs in mind, but I’ve had several people ask about it. I’d love your feedback on how to make it easier for GMs to quickly create NPCs once you check it out. I’m not a GM, so the use cases aren’t obvious :)

    • jsomara

      Hey virbots, you mentioned that you were interested in NPC generation. Our Kickstarter might be just what you’re looking for! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/herosheets/herosheets

  • Justin Cross

    Hello! I’m thinking about purchasing this app for my gaming group. It looks fantastic, especially for our newer folks! I’m wondering though, are there any plans for an Android app? About half my players have iPhones, and the other half have Android. Also, all of our tablets (4) are Android. Appreciate the info!

    • jsomara

      Thanks Justin! HeroSheets definitely is designed to be very newbie-friendly.

      There are plans for an Android app! Unfortunately, this is something I have to hire out instead of writing in house – my skills are not in mobile development. How quickly I can get the ball rolling on that has a lot to do with how many stretch goals the Kickstarter hits – check it out @ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/herosheets/herosheets

      • Darksyntax

        I would look into cordova.

  • Marc Colmenero Gatell

    How can I get a Password?

    • jsomara


      Sorry for the delay – I was traveling this week. We are re-opening registrations after the Kickstarter beta, which should be complete in the next month or two. Thanks for your interest!

    • Robert B.

      In the mean time, you could try out Pathfinder Sheets Online.